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Current project


Wardogz is a casual Action Adventures game. We invite you for a journey into an open universe, where the player will have to face the world of machines on the background of the Great War taking place in the middle of the alternative XX century Europe.

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Past project

The Beast Inside

The Beast Inside is a unique, gripping twist on thriller and survival horror.

Immerse in the story of long-buried secrets, personal tragedies, and madness. Play as two protagonists bounded by dark heritage.

Density increases as two histories come to an inevitable clash. Distant past and his eternal prisoner – Nicolas against Adam, cryptanalyst from the Cold War. What can it lead to? In a tangled times, who will you trust?

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Future project

The Beast Inside II

Dirty London neighborhoods, 1888. The city is haunted by a plague of ghastly murders, perpetrator of whose remains fugitive, mocking the actions of the entire Scotland Yard.

You play the role of Joe Barnett, a former police inspector who consents to return to duty to catch the killer and end the tide of rushing evil. Battling fear, pressure and the mysterious order of the Golden Dawn and the pervading local legend of Jack the Ripper, you try to save as many lives as possible and... himself.

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Future project


Lightmare, a dark action horror set in the forgotten manor of Humsmith. You learn the story of John Murray, one of the investigators of paranormal phenomena.

You receive a new order from a mysterious man who has asked you to intervene immediately. Nothing can prepare you for what awaits you. Along with a group of friends, you must uncover the secrets of the creepy mansion and survive at all costs... A game based on innovative technology. Remember to turn on the light.

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About us

Illusion Ray has been founded in 2009, as an independent developer under the leadership of Lucas Smaga, a former creative mind of Platige Image. The studio, focused on creating immersive experience has constantly evolved and grew bigger. The team of talented and experienced developers, whose gain their skills in magnificent studios like Techland, The Farm 51 and Fuero Games joined their forces to share their passion in design and creation.

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Łukasz SmagaCEO & Co-Founder
Dominik SójkaTechnical / Art Director
Kamil PazderskiLevel Designer

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Level DesignerDesignWardogz
3D ArtistConceptWardogz
Game DesignerDesignWardogz
Game DirectorConceptWardogz
ProducerProductionIllusion Ray
Gameplay AnimatorDesignWardogz
Character ArtistConceptWardogz
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